You can watch the video of this picture with macro fragments at the link on my youtube channel

Can an artist paint SOUNDS?
I tried to do this in my new big abstract painting.
SOUND, like LIGHT, is a single vibrational field that permeates the entire Universe, which surrounds every object that exists here.
This picture is very lively and very flexible. Place it in the interior, decorate the walls of your house and the room will dance, shimmering with a warm, friendly, kind mood. Looking at this unusual bright picture, you can imagine what sounds are coming from each shade of paint on the canvas.
I created this picture and listened to classical music and the magic sounds of jazz, and when I created the emerald and blue shades, I listened to the audio with the sounds of the forest and the singing of birds.
You will include recordings of your favorite music and fill the picture with your personal impressions.
The new owner of this painting will always be warmed by the kindness that the painting exudes.

The sides of the painting are not a continuation of the image; therefore, it is required to frame the painting in a frame.
The picture is ready to be sent in a roll in a tube, but according to a preliminary agreement, I can pull it on a stretcher, which will require an additional payment for postage.

Made on high-quality canvas (100% linen), canvas density 400 gr / meter, stretched on a high quality wooden stretcher frame. Used the best Russian oil paints produced in Russia, the city of St. Petersburg.
45.3*41.3*0 inches 115*105*0,1 cm
I did not attach the hangers on the back side, and I will attach them to the package.

The picture is painted with active live strokes, it feels the play and movement of colors. The oil environment is displayed by the fluidity of its texture. The plot of the picture moves, changes and adapts to your mood.

The painting is accompanied by a certificate of copyright issued in Russia by the city of St. Petersburg.
Keywords... large oil painting, abstract, living room decor, yellow, blue, ultramarine, purple, pink, delicate color, artist Marina Venediktova, painting as a gift


Автор: Марина Венедиктова

Год: 2021

Стиль: абстракционизм
  • абстракция
  • фантазия
  • абстракция
  • музыка
  • чувства
  • цветы
  • холст
  • масло


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